Saturday, November 24, 2012

Synthetix Weekend Update

We're into the Festive Season now, and 80s synth music is always the best soundtrack to this time year. Whether you're watching the snow fall or beachside in the sunshine let's rock those feelings of the Season with this week's Weekend Update on Synthetix.

First up is a beautiful tribute to everyone's favourite Power Ranger, Kimberly's Theme. The synths are smooth and energetic and the mood is pure synth romance. A sterling effort from NeonFlashDrive, and it's greatly appreciated this is currently available for FREE download.

Something darker now, but with no less passsion. Nightcrawler's new song featuring SIMØNE is titled Metropolis, and even though the name inspires thoughts of vastness and space the song presents a much more intimate experience. The melancholic vocal track is wonderfully haunting and the music inspires even more depth of emotion.

Kid Machine's released an excellent cover of Garrasco's Love Sex For Sale. The original is seminal italo disco synth from 86 and Kid Machine's version is a great homage. Theres is a more deliberately paced feel to Kid Machines revision, losing some of the lightness and bringing in some more drama.

Another killler track from Betamaxx surfaced this week in Only In Movies. The Betamaxx style is one of my favourites as he manages to always get the energies of the melody and percussion perfectly matched. This track is testament to that as the excitement level is set to fever pitch throughout.

Someone new on the scene is one N C Holdsworth. His sounds lean towards the atmospheric/soundtrack synth styles but incorporating some beautiful progressive touches too. This piece entitled Orsus is full of promise as it swells with musical emotion. The vocals and guitars in the last act are truly beautiful to behold.

Staying with this mood lets move on to Jaypeau's new piece They're Here. This is apparently to be used as an album intro, which I hope means theres a full length release in the offing from this producer. If this intro is anything to go buy we're certainly in for a majestic experience indeed.

Another cover to enjoy now, this time from the always enigmatic Lost Years. His newest venture this week is an excellent cover of Sferro's New Output. This track has been one of my 'All Time' favourites from the new generation of synth producers and Lost Year's has taken this track and made it his own. I must say I still prefer the original, but this is a stellar piece of work that breathes new life into New Output.

New talent from Russia now with Ezavskih's new experience The Navigator. This is a very spactial excursion in cosmic sountrack synth that has a wonderful ethereal quality to it. The lead synths are exceptionally crafted and full of presence. I'm definitely looking forward to hearing more from Ezavskih in the future.

Our last adventure into the dimensions of 80s inspired synth is a special new experience from the inimitable Mitch Murder. Entitled Medley For Science this track is Mitch's homage to the leaders of the scientific community. The sample work is wholly authentic to the 80s and the heavily accented Mitch Murder style blends magically with the chrome dipped synth melodies. This track works as the perfect companion piece to In The News from the Current Events album.

As the final refrains of Medley For Science fade out I'll bid you all adieu until the next time we get together for some good times and great rock'n'roll on Synthetix next week.

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