Saturday, November 17, 2012

Synthetix Weekend Update

It's time for another monster Weekend Update on Synthetix, so lets get rockin' with zero delay!

First up is a sneak peek album teaser from the enigmatic Betamaxx. This two minute snippet of absolutely stunning synth romance bodes very well for his next release. Such beautifully constructed melodies and sounds make this something I'm champing at the bit for.

Photosynthesi got chilled and stirred with his new track Winter Nights. Photosynthesi is yet to release a piece of music I don't love, Winter Nights continues this trend with sheer, uplifiting melodies perched astride perfectly measured percussion.

Continuing down the steamy side of synth soundscapes is the new gem from Prof. Zonic Zynth. His new track Turning Point is highly atmospheric, forgoing his usual funk odysseys in favour of a midnight rendezvous where danger and lust walk hand in hand beneath a starlight sky.

Malbu B's upcoming releases have been teased with a fourway preview. The moods are introspective and coloured with autumnal shades but still enriched by much of the Malibu B magic we know and love. I'm greatly looking forward to experiencing each of this tracks in their fullest capacity.

Keeping that introspective and comtemplative mood rockin on we got a killer new track from FlashBoy this week in Eclipse. This is another rousing work that builds into soaring magnificence. It's been a quite time for FlashBoy, musically,  of late, I'm hoping this is a triumphant return with more FlashBoy experiences in the pipeline.

Brand new music from Arcade High next! City Lights brings a sparkling and energetic experience with a dash of the classic Arcade High 80s video game soundtrack personality for that zesty taste sensation we all love. This is available for FREE download so get on it right now!

I have so many favourite tracks by LA Dreams I've begun to lose count, but his new experience entitled Highschool DreamGirl is instantly in my Top 5. This positively glowing work of exemplary synth romance is masterfully constructed and purely uplifting to experience. Truly amazing.

Adding a dash of disco to the proceedings this week is a new track from Box Of Wolves called Swim. Lots of swelling 80s sounds accompany a dramatic beat while melodies cascade through through a sun drenched seascape. This is also available for FREE download to fully enhance your weekend experience.

The final installment of rockin 80s synth action comes to us in the form a totally killer new preview video for Vincenzo Salvia's Nostalgia EP. Due out on Decemeber 4th this promises more emotive and enlightening experiences in quality synth music from one of Synthetix favourite new producers.

That does us for another week on Synthetix, I hope you've enjoyed all the wonderful music on here this week as much as I have and I look forward to even more rockin new experiences next week!

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