Thursday, November 22, 2012

Interface With Garth Knight

Garth Knight is one hell of an exciting producer of quality retro synth sounds. His gift for this has been noted on previous episodes of Synthetix and I do hope I'll be writing even more about him in the future. His new work, Interface, takes his skills and sounds to the a sumptuous new level with some of the funkiest electro synth I've heard since the 80s themselves.

In the beginning I'm taken right back to early Newcleus or Jonzun Crew in an instant, the funk is laid so thick that it positively thwacks with sensual energy. The languid bass line and swelling synths make for an erotic duo of gyrating rhythmic acoustics. All the sounds feel delectably authentic and the overall production is some of Garth Knight's finest thus far with a pinpoint balance to every instrument and a glossy polish of dripping neon chrome.

Funk synth sounds are so evocative, the blend of animal, natural instincts with the electronic flair that technology affords really creates a very specialised genre. The infectious nature of the hooks and visceral pounding of the rhythm section make this particular funktacular adventure an explosively carnal one. If instrumental music could ever be defined as 'rude' the text book would put Garth Knight's Interface right up front. It's a pouty, raunchy rudeness that brings vivid visions of such earthly delights to my mind that I best keep my imagination on a tight leash to remain under control.

Then again, why not lose control and give into the insatiable funk synth urges and let the Interface unleash the animal within and howl into the night must excuse me while I 'Interface' a while.

Interface is available to buy now on Garth Knight's Bandcamp here, just make sure you get your safewords sorted out before you crank it up in the presence of others.

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