Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bluezz Vylez Takes After Nebula

Russia's always been one of the most enlightened regions to the classic 80s synth sounds, every artist I hear from these parts always seems to have an edge to their sound that feels right. Maybe it's a production style or certain local influences but whatever it is it results in some totally rockin 80s inspired synth music.

The latest EP from Bluezz Vylez pushes this point even further. After Nebula contains some of the pureset electro synth rock I've had the pleasure of experiencing. Across the the seven tracks this producer ushers in a new dawn of classicly themed sounds and packages them in one super tight and combustible bundle of explosive synths, machinegun drums and chemically sharpened hooks.

The breakbeat electro synth style is usually only flirted with on occassion by the majority of modern synth producers. It provides a nice departure to the sounds without deviating entirely from a them, it's rare for a modern producer to take the electro synth style deep into a fully fledged release while staying true to it's roots.

From track one this is music is totally poppin' and lockin' with a boombox curbside and a carboard mat down for good measure. The edginess and vitality of the sound is undeniable, basslines thrust and pivot with alarming dexterity and the drums and percussion are peppered throughout with pinpoint precision. The contrasting smooth synth melodies create the final dimension to ensure maximum energy.

Through the opening set pieces, and into the albums midsection, theres an unrelenting fervour to each track. There is no refuge from the infectious melodies and blasting rhythms. Bluezz Vylez doesn't mess about with a lot of stage setting introductions or immersive set pieces to create a mood, each experience dives straight onto the concrete, making every second count and giving each track a fierceness which is delivered like a flurry of bodyshots in lighning fast succession.

On rare moments, such a Ocean Console there is a slowing down in the barrages of beats but the fury is replaced with the synths, just for a change in his weapon of choice. The track Run In A Rainy Dream lures the listener into a feeling of smooth and glassy security, but as tempers build and the percussion ramps up with the melodies it becomes intense in a new way. The raw emotions of the first half of the EP move into a less brutal but equally intense mode and by the end of this movment the rhythm section begins unleashing it's syncopated swings to the listener's now exposed vulnerabilities.

It's at this point that the battle kicks into high gear for the last two tracks as limbs gyrate into blurs of electro fuelled breakin' bluster. Foresters Never Die and Aldebaran In Your Coffee-Cup finish the encounter in a blaze of glory as the final backspin and pose bring the cheers of victory to a hard fought and well contested fight for street supremacy.

Bluezz Vylez's After Nebula EP is a high energy, in your face, take no prisoners experience in quality electro synth music. The sounds of classic producers like Afrika Bambaataa, Ollie and Jerry and Paul Hardcastle are unmistakable throughout, but this producer brings his own individual style to the sounds making After Nebula totally rockin extravaganza that is throughout a Synthetix Approved Experience.

You can pick this EP on Bluezz Vylez's Bandcamp page here and be sure to follow him on his soundcloud here.


  1. Great review-thanks for this.I bought the EP and am really enjoying it!