Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Twilight Race To Vaillante Victory

The latest release from the auspicious Playmaker's Playground is a blast from the past courtesy of Twilight Racing, the Vaillante EP. As legend dictates this is a release that dates back to the early days of the initial 80s revival in 2009. The channelling of 80s synth becomes timeless in the face of the decades that have expired since. Be it whatever date it may be on the calendar it takes but one producer to rock us on back to the times we remember fondly, or wish we could've experienced first hand.

The Vaillante EP is strong in tone and delivery with masses of horsepower under the hood; set to unleash a blitz of speed and fury at a moment's notice. The five originals, plus a remix from ActRazer make for an energetic experience and by the time the chequered flag is waved you'll be wanting to get back out on the track for more thrilling times.

Thrillgear takes pole position on the grid making a deliberate, but not overtly outlandish start. The speed is kept to a cruise as the power builds and revs increase at every turn. Electro sounds fill the air and melodies climb and swoop. The excitement feels like it's being held on a tight leash, barely able be restrained, and by the time the first lap is complete all hell is let loose as the accelerator hit's the floor.

Like a good arcade racing game the second lap allows nitrous boosts to be used and Vaillante gives us the same insatiable lust for speed with the second track Boost Control. The engine screams into high gear and the bassline drives lightning force of thousands of pounds per cubic inch into a rhythm section forged in steel. Melodies are at one with the motor, shifting and elevating with the thrust of nitrous power unleashing a g-force propulsion that defies the laws of physics. Colours become a blur of rhythmic shapes and the sounds of power take us into the lead pack around the last turn of the second lap.

The Chase begins the third lap as calculated and strategic basslines become our racing lines, plotting and jostling for position amongst our competitors. The engines roar is supressed while the opportunity to employ drafting behind third place, catching the driver unawares as an element of stealth creeps into the gameplan and chills the music accordingly. Building upon itself as the time to overtake approaches it becomes clear to the racer ahead of us that he knows what we're up to. The feint left, then hard right takes him by surprise and roaring past him his despondant face becomes a blur as victory is now the only thing on our mind.

Terror hits the tarmac as lap five becomes the time to break out. The electro funk is strong, fuelling the demands our vehicle is taking. The music takes on a more classically video game persona, with reality and caution discarded in favour of a 16-bit symphony that drives at highspeed right down memory lane into a pitstop of pixellated, pulsing power. The scan lines spread, as does our distance from the lead pack. Theres only two vehicles left to duke it out for the final lap. Victory is so close, and it's burning fumes are intoxicating.

The penultimate lap is drenched in a barrage of synthesized speed, warping dimensions around it as the race's leader thunder headlong into obivion. The pace is unmatched, with engines and drums roaring in time with a swelling lead melody that radiates it's own power. The force is so strong it threatens to leave the track and take to the skies as tyres squeal with frictioned delight on every corner. The home stretch is upon us. The chequered flag waves and Twilight Racing takes first place leading to all night celebrations.

The victory lap is provided by ActRazer with a stunning reprise of Boost Control. This remix funks up the vibes into a triumphant confetti showered parade. The ActRazer edge adds a glowing and sharpened edge to the original, pumping the action into the sky like fireworks as the credits begin to roll.

Playmaker's Playground presents Twilight Racing's Vaillante EP on their Bandcamp here as a 'name your price' release. I encourage all Synthetix readers to dig deep and add this high octane EP to their music collection as soon as possible.

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