Monday, November 12, 2012

20/80s With Le Cassette

The UK's Le Cassette have been firing on all cylinders of late and with their incredible Arms Of Mine song still in our hearts and minds (reviewed on Synthetix here) they've lent their considerable vocal talent to Jordan F for a reenvisioning of his Under The Sun track.

The combined magic presents an entirely new experience, making for a wonderful new atmosphere and elevating the original incarnation even further. Once again the authenticity of the Le Cassette vocal sound melds with delight around Jordan F's beautiful synth work. The early 80s synthpop sound is typified by the vocal delivery, rousing and verbose, but morose and introspective too.

The end result is a triumphant Visage/Ultravox flavoured vision that strips away the brightly light sunshine of the original's Australian heritage and layers in the wintry tones of wishful thinking for sunnier times in a dismal London landscape. It's full of longing, unrequited possibilities and wishes for better days ahead. This is a patnership I hope we get to share in again in the future, most definitely.

Although the vocals have been provided on Under The Sun by one third of Le Cassette line up, all three members have shared the duties in creating this week's 20/80s. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall while these all important answers were being decided upon. Alas, the inner machinations of what makes Le Cassette work is to be left to another time, and for now we'll have to suffice with sharing their 20/80s this week on Synthetix!

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