Thursday, October 18, 2012

Remember The Date With Delenda Est

This has been a huge week for releases.We've had 80s Stallone's Hotline album, the new full length release from Alpha Boy, a new album from Plaisance and the new compilation released from Aphasia Records. Definitely one of the most action packed week's in recent times and I'm looking forward to sharing more on these albums with you over the next week. But this post isn't about an epic new full length release. There's been a track I just haven't been able to get enough of this week. Something from a new producer, something that I found completely entrancing.

The innocuously titled October 15th from Delenda Est has taken me away on a romantic synth filled journey upon every listen and it's something I wanted to ensure you had the pleasure of experiencing for yourself.

The evocative nature of this piece is imminent from the opening stanza. This track doesn't need to take time to build or introduce itself. It immediately takes your attention and imagination, within the first twenty seconds we are whisked away from the mundanity of reality into a colourful fantasy of pastel hues and sparkling light. The melodies are distilled beauty and arranged in such a delightful way that the lure and promise is irresistable.

As this track blossoms into a pink cumulous entity of warmth and uplifting positivity it becomes completely enshrouding, radiating it's energy with limitless power, caressing the listener into a state of happiness which extends far beyond the track length. With repeated listening it goes even further to multiply the magnitude of melodious magic that mesmerizes in a monumentally momentous and memorable manner.

Delenda Est's repertoire maybe small, but his passion for the essence of the 80s is unfathomable. It's uncommon for a track to effect me so much, especially with so much other music released this week, but this is a testament to the quality of October 15th. I hope we see more releases from this producer soon and I hope you give Delenda Est some love and encouragement on his soundcloud here when you're done basking in the heavenly glow of October 15th.

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