Friday, October 12, 2012

Plaisance Sails The Costa Concordia With A Synthetix Exclusive!

I'm proud to announce a new twelve track album from Plaisance entitled Boat People which is due to hit Bandcamp this Sunday, the 14th of October.

Plaisance has gratiously given Synthetix an exclusive preview track from this upcoming album as an appetiser for the main course later this weekend.

Plaisance's first album, Regatta, has been one of my most listened to albums of late and I'm expecting lots of hot rockin seafaring 80s synth action with this new adventure. Costa Concordia begins where Regatta left off with beautiful synth arrangements combined with the hallmarks of the Plaisance soundscapes.

Boat People sets sail on October 14 and is available from Plaisance's Bandcamp page here.

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