Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Nightcrawler Becomes The Knight Rider

Nightcrawler has been producing music of many denominations over the last year spanning nearly all the colours in the spectrum. His latest two track EP is indoutidably coloured gloss black and lit bright red with his 80s synth homage to Knight Rider. The revs are high and the rubber is burned as Nightcrawler gets some high octane 80s electro synth rockin hard.

The original TV series of Knight Rider is a hallmark of classic 80s action/adventure. I fondly remember being an ardent fan of this when it first aired and it still stands up today as one of the decades great series. It's no wonder it serves such inspiration to modern producers as the source material is so inexorably 80s in design and execution.

Nightcrawler's EP begins with the Knight Rider Autocruise. This tracks draws superbly from the TV shows original opening theme and adds some more colour and spice to the experience. The opening intro is powerfully executed as the wheels spin before gaining enough traction to launch headlong down the desert highway. The main melody roars into high gear and Michael and KITT are already trading witty banter while the action heats up. The crispness of the sounds used in Nightcrawler's production really stand out in Autocruise, beautifully balance but sharp like switchblade.

The second track, Turbo Boost  trades the highway for the disco as the tone becomes a little more italo flavoured. Sumptuous melodies are powered by an eight cylinder engine of driving percussion. I  can almost see this track being used in a night club scene with Michael Knight seducing Heather Locklear or some other 80s babe on the dance floor. A leather clad, gyrating Hasselhoff proving completely irresistable to every girl in the club and incessant swooning over him only ceases when KITT shows up and, once again, steals the show.

Nightcrawler's Knight Rider EP is available for free download on his soundcloud here, and be sure to give hima solid high-five on his Facebook page here as well.

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