Monday, September 3, 2012

Dynatron & Starforce Form An Alliance

I absolutely adore the collaborative works that have been appearing in the 80s inspired synth scene this year. There have been so many great pieces of music that have come from the combined talents of two producers, multiplying their strengths and creating an original new experience.

Starforce and Dynatron have released their first collaboration called Adrift In A Sea Of Silver and it's one gorgeous piece of introspectively emotive synth work that rises and ebbs with the tide that it's floating upon.

It's an expansive work that feels huge in scope, and makes the listener feel tiny in it's presence. The narrative of being adrift upon an alien ocean of chrome, staring up the galaxies above. The feeling of insignificance in the universe, but aslo feeling at one with it as the melodies meet our swaying upon the undulating surface. The beauty of these moments captured perfectly by producers working in eachother's mindspace in a symbiotic musical relationship.

Adrift In A Sea Of Silver is available for free download here, and please make sure you give both artists lots of love on Dynatron's soundcloud here and Starforce's soundcloud here.

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