Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dynatron Burn Like Fire

With recent collaboration with Starforce still fresh in our hearts and imaginations, Dynatron has burst forth with a new three track EP: Fireburner. This three track release posts another milestone in the Dynatron experience as the overtly dark and foreboding sounds of previous Dynatron tracks gives way to a new direction.

The episodes in space synth terror we've witnessed in this producers early work has now grown in new directions that still provide an eerie soundtrack to the frozen void of the galaxy, but also bring elements of feeling and humanity into the Dynatron sound. With these new evocative dimensions weaved into the mix the experience of Fireburner is something that is definitely dangerous and powerful, but also warm and enduring.

The title track kicks out a positively uplifting melody that inspires yearning and jubilation, the brightness of the stars is now the focus instead of the black void. Tinges of more spatial sounds wash over like galactic waves. There is an edge of the unknown, the risk is evident however the power of the melody causes spirits to rise, confidently and proudly. The contrasts of these sounds are beautifully delivered, keeping a flow that moves forward throughout the journey, powering through the struggles and conquering the alien frontier beyond.

Cosmo Black follows on from the opening piece with a much more morose sound, the hope forged true in the opening stanza is now made much more dramatic in tone. The early succcess of the first part of the journey has now been compromised and rising to meet this new challenge is a true test of will and spirit. Haunting spectres of galactic ghosts chant a Siren's call, piercing to the very soul, forever tortured in their cosmic sepulchre. Their cries ringing out through the void as a warning to all travellers. The path is fraught with danger, but the beat drives us forward, powering through the darkness, the rhythmic engines take us beyond the danger and into new realms that we can only hope provide for safer travel.

The Fireburner EP feels like an introduction to something far greater, almost like the pilot episode to a longer series. The stage is set for massively entertaining adventure and I hope Dynatron takes us through these exciting possibilities soon. To finish of the EP the title track is expertly remixed by Thomas Barrandon in a rendition that is powered by a different coloured energy, that makes the experience feel quite different. Like a parallel dimension, this remix makes Fireburner take on new perspectives while still staying true to it's burning essence.

Aphasia Records presents the Fireburner EP from Dynatron and is available on Bandcamp here and is a highly recommended experience cosmic synth drama from Synthetix.

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