Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tommy's Outer Space Adventurers

In a few weeks we'll be given the pleasure of experiencing a new Tommy record entitled Outer Space Adventurer. This huge occassion being preceded by the release of the title track along with two remixes. It's time to get the anticipation ramped up to hyperspace as this first foray into Tommy's new cosmic adventure sets the night sky on fire with burning rocket boosters and vapour trails shooting to the horizon.

The tone of this release from Tommy brings a more mature layer of sounds to what he's already established as the 'Tommy Sound'. The title track encapsulates that Tommy magic in a hypnotizingly blissful opening that pulses with the energy of the cosmos. Stars shift and orbits widen through a series of orchestrations that build like chromed echoes timed to the beat of the universe. Deep space is an enveloping and tangible shroud around us, at one with the star shine refraction that penetrates time itself. Undulating in the cosmic rhythm, our journey with the Outer Space Adventurer begins.

In a threeway split across the dimensions the original vision is reflected and redirected through new planes of existence in the remixes of Outer Space Adventurer. Jordan F's takes flight to a more somber, but still exuberant quadrant of the Tommy galaxy with his remix.

As the distant nebulas are lit by the glow of giant suns, time becomes irrelevant and the melody is allowed to transport the listener beyond our conceived notions of space. It's an experience of jubilation and awakening. A passage in the journey that exists like a parallel reality, the depth of feeling carried through light years of space at a speed beyond comprehension.

Jordan F's rework is an emotionally different version of the original, leading us to new planespheres, introspectively asking us the questions of space travel and it's effect on the human condition,  and just as we begin to feel a new level of understanding, our stellar embrace is released and freefall beings as MegaDrive takes up a new quest.

Lift off from planet earth and we embark on a new Outer Space Adventure, the light of a new galaxy shines and our vessel is taken in a new direction. The quest for new lifeforms finds us in an alien galaxy populated by creatures the likes of which we've never seen. Beings of light caress and guide the craft into the nether regions of Andromeda.

The music becomes the light of a thousand beings, welcoming us into their new world, sharing their experience and history. Creating new memories as the Outer Space Adventurer learns he is not alone and feels the power of these beings pushing him even further into the unknown universe in front of him. Mega Drive's vision is another facet to this track that brings a mechanical, yet still organic mood to the experience.

Tommy's Outer Space Adventurer album is due out in September and will be covered on Synthetix upon it's release. Prepare to experience space travel you've never dreamed of before in the mean time!

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