Saturday, August 11, 2012

Synthetix Weekend Update

With so many great releases over the last couple of weeks and a lot more on the horizon it's sure been a a great time to be a fan of 80s inspired synth music of late. Let's check out some of the highlights from this past week of rockin action in the scene.

Jordan F is shifting his production rate into turbo drive of late, with the excellent Summers Of Tomorrow EP still fresh in our minds he imparted a new single to us this week in Aurora.  Continuing the artist's current thematic of glassy midpaced synth work Aurora shines with a controlled and deliberate feel to the melodies and arrangments that resonates beautifully.

Time to get some rockin funk synth action into your weekend. Seipa's worked his remix magic on a Will Ryder's track Scene 5. I absoloutely love this melodies in this and bassline is a complete monster of unbridled electro funk power. When the disco hi-hats open up towards the end of the experience I'm in total 80s heaven.

One of the true modern masters of 80s synth music is the legendary Action Jackson. His work over the years has always been in the upper echelons of the best of the best and his recent releases have concreted this. His lastest single, Walking In West Berlin '85 is a total masterpiece in melodies and arrangements but also in the subject matter. Totally rockin.

From established artists to one of the rockin new kids on the block, MegaDrive. In his short time producing 80s synth this producer's already riding a neon crested wave of quality musical experiences. With his latest piece, Pulse of the Streets we're taken into a perfectly paced production of synrh drama, evoking moods of melancholic reflection, but also jubilant in it's delivery. I'm sure you'll feel the magic throughout this track.

Keeping the city streets theme, but shifting the pace up a few notches we have another great release from Garth Knight to enjoy. With his Alpha EP still fresh in our minds he's given us a massively action packed new track; City Streets. Superb percussive work and an unrelenting bassline make this one hell of wild ride through the urban jungle.

LA Dreams is fast becoming one of my top 5 producers of 80s inspired synth music. This artist has a feeling and soul in every piece he releases that is truly awe inspiring. His gift for what makes a real 80s melody is majestic and he always gets the instrumentations 1000% rockin on point. His track Sports just reinforces this, a gorgeous and polished piece of solid 80s gold.

Our final piece of 80s love for you this weekend is the magnificent new promo for Mitch Murder's Glass Cities EP courtesy of the always rockin Neros77. With the Glass Cities EP due for release on the first of September, this is sure to get every 80s devotee champing at the bit for the chance to own their own little piece of Mitch Murder magic. I can't wait for this EP to finally his the streets and I'll be sure to give it lots of attention on Synthetix upon it's release.

I hope this weekend's Weekend Update on Synthetix got you into that 80s state of mind and keeps you rockin, I'll be back in the coming week with lots more synth action for your enjoyment and delectation.

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