Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Perturbator's Machinations In Nocturne City

Perturbator is definitely one of the most prolific producers of quality 80s dark synth currently. His releases are always engaging and polished to black reflective sheen. Deep, marauding and powered with a primal energy. With each new single and EP release Perturbator's craft has been developed further and with his Nocturne City EP the artist raises the bar even further.

Standing more as a complete story than individual tracks the use of the soundtrack style thematic is present in every piece. The story is tight, and it's more a group of paragraphs than chapters, this could easily be mixed into one epic track that would bring forth the essence and soul of this work even more directly.

As it stands, the six vignettes of Nocturne City present a futuristic urban dystopia that is punctuated by the lives of those living within the neon lit concrete monoliths. Permanently darkened skies only lit by the manmade fires along the skyline, streets bathed in cold, wet from punishment and stained from life. The time is 2084, hope is fleeting, pain is enveloping and the future is now.

Through the introductory passages the tone of Nocturne City is unmistakable, the power of it's delivery with melancholy melodies and the trademark Perturbator percussive tracks. We are guided by the hand through the darkest alleyways in the heart of the city. When 'Fantasy' begins the perfect commentary sung by Dream Koala completes this vista of dereliction. Haunting in every respect, laced with disdain and devoid of any chance of escape.

The story continues on a cinematic course of darkened discoveries, the tortured melodies of synthesizers accompanying us. The swell of an all powerful aural miasma is present at all times, slowly infecting our senses like a Siren's call that is impossible to reamin unaffected by. As the EP wends through  Night Business and There Is No Love Highway our plight becomes more and more insignificant, the sounds that surrounds us becomes the only real light and spirit and our souls are solemnly whisked away to another dimension by it's completion.

To finish off this story, Perturbator has included the superb high octane Vengeance (The Return Of The Night Driving Avenger) this is the perfect exclamation point to mark the climax of this EP. A departure from the other tracks this is a great piece of escapist synth rapture. The mood is still inky black, but now coursed with lightning flashes of the rawest power. As this final paragraph fades our story becomes complete. The characters we have shared the experience with are now a part of ourselves, like a piece of our history forever recorded into soundscape of storytelling symbolism.

Nocturne City is a place no one should be without and you can get your own piece of Perurbators imaginatively epic orchestrations courtesy of Aphasia Records on iTunes here, and make sure you follow him on soudncloud for even more dark synth action here.

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