Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Judge Bitch And Perturbator Raise The Chimera

Two of the leading producers in 80s dark synth music have combined their diabolical forces to create a beast of a track. A chimera was a mythical creature which was the combination of a lion, snake and goat. The resultant animal was the source of many adventures in terrifying battles of good versus evil.

Throughout the ages the legacy of the chimera has been retold to many generations. Instilling fear and and the foreboding of dark consequences to those that extoll it's wrath. This time around Judge Bitch and Perturbator have summoned a thumping synth adventure through the ages of of time itself. Inspired by the classic Commodore 64 title of the same name this episode of demonic instrumentation will have you on your knees begging for mercy.

The almost chiptune Teriminator 2 homage intro leads the way to digitized screams of CHIMERA while a thunderous bass drum creates quakes of power. The early parts have shades of early Mr Vector (never a bad thing) but when the main melody kicks in we're elevated to new realms of fantasy, as if through a doorway directly to mythological Greece. Ancient vistas spread before us as humanity rages in battles agains the awesome force of the Chimera.

Something akin to a quicktime event from the latest in the God Of War franchise ensues as the beast summons all it's powers for the final assault, leaving massive carnage in it's wake before disappearing through the heavens, leaving humanity to wonder when it will strike next; and will we survive it's next attack?

Such rampaging force is experienced throughout this amazing work and the strengths of both artists are prominent from start to finish. It is certainly another feather in both of their brass helms and once again goes to show how much magic can be summoned in these collaborative projects.

Chimera is available for FREE download, so please add this to your music library as soon as possible and make sure you give both artists the credit they deserve on their respective soundcloud pages, Judge Bitch's here and Perturbator's here.

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