Thursday, August 2, 2012

Jordan F Takes Summer To Tomorrow

It's a pretty cold winter here in Australia. I always feel like this part of the world is a bit out  of wack when it comes to the global electronic music scene. The northern hemisphere's summer, and all the hits that go along with that, is right in the middle of our most dismal weather. Thst said, it's actually refreshing to here bouncy summer anthems in the middle of winter, it always seems to bring a bit of extra warmth to the season just hearing the tropical sun filled tunes that are always in abundance this time of year.

So when Australia's premier 80s inspired synth producer, Jordan F, releases a new EP, slap bang in the middle of winter entitled Summers of Tomorrow it's received here in it's country of origin as a bittersweet affair. Our summer is indeed many tomorrows away and it's gives a delightfully juxtaposed experience throughout the EP as this isn't about bouncy colour saturated tracks. Jordan F's future summer is grim. It's not sunfilled azure skies and pina coladas at Club Tropicana, it's gray, violent and DANGEROUS!

The Summer of Tomorrow is the post apocalyptic nuclear nightmare, fraught with villainous characters, seething moods and the quest for sheer survival. This is a reinvention, revision and reincarnation of a couple of previous Jordan F experiences along with extra vignettes to tie the season's bereavings together. This end result isn't what I'd call dark synth, in the classic Perurbator/Protector 101 style, but more of a nihilistic synth style. There is no hope in this music, there is no escape, we will not see the sun again and we will not be saved by a twist ending in the dying moments of the experience.

For all this catastrophic darkness, there is lightness and vibrance in all the tracks contained, there is that childlike innocence calling out through the darkness to inspire the survival instinct, the glimmer of hope that is so fleeting that one's mind barely even recognises them. The step forward that is only going further into destruction, isolation and oblivion. These glances of light prove to only make the gods of fate mock us even further and by the completion of every track on this EP you realise the Summer of Tommorrow is a mirage. The promise from the past that the future can't fulfill. The unattainable dream that no one will ever experience.

Although previous versions of some of these tracks may have already been experienced by the listener, when put in the context of this EP all previously conceived ideas of their meanings and messages are forfeit. I can barely recognise some of the songs. Their production, presence and personality has evolved into a monstrous new persona of totally immense proportions. By the time you realise it's actually new retelling of Renegade its much, much to late to even think about contending with explosive violence contained in it's regenerated and demonified new veil of brutality.

This is consistent throughout the five chapters. Each one begins with a new story of humanity in the face of adversity and each one ends with adversity triumphing over humanity. Melodies are knives of slashing hatred, drums are gunshots fired in pure anger and arrangements are set to deadly game of cat and mouse that will always end with terrible certainty.

The Summers Of Tomorow EP is a powerful work of the darkest synth arts, and as a fable of a possibe future is a cautionary tale of what could be our future summers. For those wanting to test their threshold of terror this soundtrack will make the experience vividly realistic and I encourage you to be taken into this nightmarish vision, courtesy of Jordan F.

You can download your copy of Summer of Tomorrow for FREE courtesy of Rosso Corsa Records by following the link here. Be sure to show your appreciation for this artist's fine work on his Facebook page, here once you've fully recovered from this exhausting and exhilerating experience.

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