Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Garth Knight Takes Excitement To The Alpha Zone

Garth Knight's long awaited Alpha EP is now available for your listening pleasure courtesy of Telefuture Records on iTunes. I've become a bigger and bigger fan of Garth Knight's tracks over the last couple of months and this new EP cements what is the Garth Knight sound.

The mixture of dramatic synth disco, overdriven guitars and driving percussion is the Garth Knight sound. His bright production is another mainstay, clear and defined and very traditionally 80s sounding. The instrumentation is balanced beautifully with nothing being lost in the mix and the power players of the sound always delivering knock out punches.

The sound is one thing, but the arrangements and melodies are another. Garth Knight's one of the rare producers around who gives the guitars a real presence in all his track, they never feel like an after thought and it's this complimentary nature of how his synth and guitars work together that brings out vibrant 80s magic throughout his EP.

The drama is set from the Intro opener but when the opening tracks perfectly titled Overdrive kicks in you know you're in exhilerating experiences that are going to rock you hard. I hear so many classic 80s artists in Garth Knight's music, especially Michael Sembello and Kenny Loggins, the music is a complete time capsule and it's the unerring nature of this EP that contains huge amounts of the mandatory ingredient for every 80s inspired synth composition: excitement.

Whether it's barrel rolling a fighter jet, or surfing a barrel on the dangerous Hawaiian coastline, or the flash of lasers through a smokey haze in the club it's a tangible excitement that Garth Knight provides the soundtrack for. The Babylon is the ultimate request to get the night rockin in any club in 1985 and the following title track is a bass oriented moody setter that slows the frenetic pace down, but still keeps excitement high.

The bass line melody carves through dense layers of atmospheric synthesizers in a totally smooth manner, driving the funk feeling into deep melodrama. The final excursion on Alpha is a aptly titled Juggernaut. The guitars are once again the stars as solo after solo dazzle the listener while pinpoint percussive details light up the fireworks even more If you do any sort of physical training this is the track you need for your next montage. The Juggernaut is a powerhouse of motivationally magnificent music, the perfect way to finish the EP as it does what every final track should, and that's make you want more!

The Alpha EP is a true appetizer to what I'm hoping will be a full length album from this producer. I can but imagine the realms of excitement Garth Knight will be able to take us to overy a full length release. As it stands the Alpha EP is a must have release for any devotee of quality 80s music, the experience is one of excelling 80s excitement. Listen to this EP at work, at play, while travelling or whenever you need any excitement in your day and I'm sure you'll find this music will enhance your experience exponentially.

Pick up your copy of the Garth Knight's Alpha EP on iTunes here courtesy of the wonderful people at Telefuture Records.

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