Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sternrekorder Is Back!

After nealry 8 months absent from the scene one of my favourite synth artists is back in action! Sternrekorder is a gifted artist from Germany who's magically charming 80s style synth music entranced me instantly when I first had the pleasure of discovering him last year.

So many artists seem to have disappeared over the years, either changing their names and styles, or dropping out of music entirely, that it pains me when I look through my music library and I revisit thoroughly exciting tracks only to find the artist hasn't released anything since. I had Sternrekorder in this category until today, and it's with complete elation I get to share with you his new tracks Heimweh and Carousel.

There is a certain naivete with Sternrekorders sounds. I don't mean this in any negative way, they're never chintzy or twee, but theres a tangible innocence to his sounds. The melodies are very clean and simplistic, but the genius of the melodies comes to frutition in all his tracks. It's a style devoid of unnecessary sounds and makes for a delightfully intimate experience. I know that everything I cover on here is 80s inspired synth, but the Sternrekorder sound, for me, always comes across as being one of the truest with the most fidelity to the 80s in the scene.

It's this special intangible charm that is very pronounced in his second release today, Carousel. At the beginning I wasn't too sure where this was going, but the track evolves into a special experience that really typifies the Sternrekorder sound.

Its the artist's gift for melodies and making every single note count that really makes me fall in love with his music. The key changes, small details and and overwhelming mood of gorgeous 80s synth fantasy. Carousel is an almost Library Music style track, which is to always be applauded and encouraged.

I can only hope these two new tracks are signs that Sternrekorder is getting back into the swing of regular production, so be sure to follow him on soundcloud here and hopefully we'll be sharing lots more Sternrekorder experiences on Synthetix in the future.

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