Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Neon Flash Drive Through The Dark City

I'm always very interested about where producers draw their inspiration from with 80s synth music. There's such a massive variety of music, film, art, design and other forms that can spark the creative process from  that I'm always reminded just how truly epic this decade was on every level.

NeonFlashDrive's latest work is an atmospherically dark synth piece which draw inspiration from one of the seminal anime features from the mid 80s: Wicked City. Dark City channels that dystopian future of Neo Tokyo and creates a soundscape thats both reflective and reactive to the source material perfectly.

The opening is full dark terror and drama, our surrounds more dangerous than we could possibly comprehend. The supernatural threat of diabolical consequences comes crashing around us in a driving melody of white knuckle excitement. Hurtling through the neon lit skyscrapers and darkened streets our adventure careens in an uncontrolable tailspin into the city's depths; reaching the final realisation that the Dark City has taken us, once and for all in a vicelike death grip from which there is no return.

NeonFlashDrive's adventure into terror is a wonderful escapade into the dark side of 80s synth music, adding another atmosphere to the field of his work. I hope he makes more music like this at it lends itself so well to multiple tracks in a concept-styled format. As always make sure you give NeonFlashDrive lots of appreciation on his soundcloud here and Facebook page here.

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