Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Monster Domino Across The Pacific Coast

Monster Domino have been impressing me more and more with every new release on their soundcloud and with their latest production entitled Pacific Coast I feel that Monster Domino have taken their game to a whole new realm of musical magnificence.

They call their style of music Hard New Wave and I can hear what that means in all their music. There's always an edge to the sound, something that bites or cuts, and there's also an energy all it's own in the Monster Domio experience, it's always refreshing and always provides for much excitement.

Pacific Coast is definitely one the duo's more ethereal pieces, it's languid pace and uplifting melodies create a tropical atmosphere while pan flute sounds bring a lightness to the rainfores-like humidity.
It's the time of the year for summer anthems and the Pacific Coast is most definitely a warm breeze and star filled night as the purple and orange sunset disappears through the forest canopy.

Monster Domino are always pushing their sounds in exciting new directions and this palm tree lined coastal affair is a sure sign that their creativity is still rising like the tide. I encourage all fans of 80s inspired synth music to follow Monster Domino on their soundcloud here and give their previously released tracks some of your attention. When you're done there pay them a visit on Facebook here and give them a nice Aloha from Synthetix.

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