Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bitapart Runs Out Of Time

Switzerland's Bitapart has been releasing some great synth tracks over the last year or so and his new track ushers in a new dawn for this talented producer. Running Out Of Time is as atmospheric as it is anthemic with golden samples and a huge, driving rhythm. The way it's structured is a total masterwork of 80s synth delights.

A large portion of this track is the incredibly epic intro. From the big cat's growl to the guitars this is a monstrously auspicious beginning. The Miami Vice samples are totally on point too, giving way to a lusciously electro melody. There's a very raw almost ChipTune feel to the track, which add a great layer of charm to it and as the melodies meander through the back end of the piece.

Extra special note about one of my favourite lines from Miami Vice that Bitapart uses in this composition: "You might have commendations up the ying yang in the Bronx or New York or wherever the hell it is your from but this is Miami pal, where you can't even tell the players without a program". This is one of the best uses of any vintage samples I've heard, not only because 'up/out the ying yang' is something I often use in regular conversation, but because it typifies the feeling of the show, it complements the music so perfectly and elevates the atmosphere into something very, very special; especially when the hard rockin' guitars kick in!

I can only hope this is going to be the start of more music being made by Bitapart as the details and soul of this track are a beautiful experience and his combinations of sounds are quite unlike anything else currently in the scene. Check out Bitapart's repertoire of fine synthphonies on his soundcloud here and give him love out the ying yang on his Facebook page here, while you're at it.

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