Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ventilate The Hot Hot Hawk

Russia keeps producing such wonderful artists with the love of the classic 80s sounds burning in their veins. Every producer I hear from the now defunct Eastern Bloc seems to have slightly different take on their reenvisioning of the 80s when compared to their Western or Eastern counterparts. There's just something more visceral and primal about this region's sounds. I can't put my finger on it, but it's definitely a tangible difference.

In Hot Hot Hawk's music I hear this raw passion and throughout his new six track EP entitled Ventilate the experience is an insatiable cavalcade of pure listening excitement.


The music itself is presented in an uncomplicated and clean way, definitely in keeping with the traditions of 80s electronic music production. The rhythms, melodies and orchestrations are crisp and crafted with care. Sounds are written into tapestries of music and each piece adds new dimensions to the experience. The use of guitar elements elevate the soundscape while the percussive details all count and nothing gets lost or undervalued in the mix.

Over the six tracks Hot Hot Hawk traverses light years of 80s love, from drama and thrills to intimately sentimental moments that touch deeply. This EP brings it's own flavour to the table in a six course repast of music sure to fill the biggest 80s appetite. You can buy Ventilate on Hot Hot Hawk's Bandcamp here and make sure you follow his future odysseys on his soundcloud here.

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