Saturday, June 30, 2012

Synthetix Weekend Update

It's a cold and wet weekend here in Australia, but I hope this week's Weekend Update brings some warm neon glow and sparkling light to wherever you are on planet Earth.

Kenji Run! has published a beautifully emotive piece of 80s synth passion entitled Together Until I Die. This demo version already feels super polished and allows the highly emotive melodies to shine. Excellent atmosphere and execution.


Another demo track surfaced this week from one of the scene's most prolific producers 80s Stallone. Radioactive feels like a more introspective piece, uncomplicated but still highly entertaining. The basslines are really something special in Radioactive, very entrancing.


Something a bit different now from Alloapm. This song called Face To Face To Phaze caught my attention and has something about that I find very delightful. Although not a strictly 80s synth song, it has copious amounts of 80s soul burning within. The vocal track is incredible too, one of the best I've of this style since M83's classic 0078h.


NeonFlashDrive has released an awesome cover of the theme song to the 80s inspired video game classic GTA Vice City. His reworking of this conjures many wonderful memories playing this game. His new original track Dark City will be featured on the blog next week.

80s synth scene legend Lost Years furnished us with yet another opus of musical adventure with Beneath The Surface. I think Lost Years recent foray into more Italo sounds has left a wonderful mark, or lets say beauty spot, on his sounds. This track is a total work of art in combining melodies and sounds. Incredible.

Cut Slack shared a phenmonal preview to their new work this week and it's a disco powered synth funk adventure. I'm assuming this will be a full album release from this group and I hope it's going to be out soon. Solid gold rockin action.

Lastly this week we have a short teaser video for a new release from Garth Knight. I've been an ardent fan of this producers work and the promise of a new release is always very exciting. As always, I'll cover this on Synthetix as soon as it's out.

That does us for another Weekend Update on Synthetix, I hope you enjoyed the music on offer this week and I look forward to sharing more 80s inspired magic with you next week.

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