Saturday, June 23, 2012

Synthetix Weekend Update

It's time to rock the Weekend Update on Synthetix. Let's get down to business!!

First up we have the new Engarde song. These guys are one of my favourite acts for doing French Touch that is drenched in 80s loving. Firebird is another bouncy piece disco that builds exceptionally well and has hooks the run super deep.

Keeping on a disco feeling the new piece from Dizkopolis entitled Class of 91 (part 2) is more sweet synthy loving with a bit of a 16bit mood thrown in for good measure. This is so catchy and perfectly engineered, just beautiful. A really great example of the disco/French Touch/80s synth genre mixture.

Greetings Program shared a new untitled demo this week and it's a totally rockin work of electro synth breakdance gold. Even in this demo form the music is right on point and the sounds used bring together the 1985 vibe perfectly.

Let's ramp up the drama now with AKAHandsDown's new synthscapade: Death Chase. This new producer is building up a great repertoire of tracks on his soundcloud and this latest one is definitely the most rockin. I'm hoping for a full length mix of this to turn up soon!

Hard New Wave raconteurs extraordinaire Monster Domino are kicking into high gear on their new work Lamborghini Countach. Rockin a super rad melody over driving guitars and drums makes for a high powered rocket fuelled odyssey!

It must be the return of summer to the northern hemisphere or something as it seems the warmer weather is stepping up the production rate with some of our favourite producers. 80s Stallone shared another quality piece of new material with Super Pursuit Mode this week, yet again we have another beauiful experience of sublime melodious and delectable sounds.

The last stop off on this week's Weekend Update is a totally kick arse mix from Italy's Vommino. This plays like a year end highlight reel from the Rosso Corsa record lable, A very high quality mix of some of the best the 80s genres have to offer is included in this experience.

That's us done for another Weekend Update, I look forward to sharing more classically style synth experiences with you over the coming week.

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