Saturday, June 16, 2012

Synthetix Weekend Update

It's Weekend Update time once again on Synthetix, so let's get a rockin' and a rollin' into some of this past week's highlights.

First of we've got a magnificent new demo from 80s Stallone. Entitled Expectations this yet another shining example of this artists skillful work. The man has a gift for creating perfect, catchy synth melodies and Expectations, even in this demo form, sounds like it's going to be another instant-classic from this producer.

NeonFlashDrive keeps going from strength to strength with his music and he's refining his sound with each new release. Teenage Dream has a gorgeous (what I'd call) 80s euro-synth melody over the top of a brightly coloured main melody, giving both a beauitufl contrast. Beautiful music.


One of my favourite 80s inspired acts that always leave me wanting more is Jupiter Gang. Their brand of 80s electro funk synth is totally entrancing and always pack with catchy hooks. This new track is even more glittering funk gold. I'm really hoping an album or EP surfaces from Jupiter Gang soon.


Lost Years has been channelling Jan Hammer from the sounds of his latest teaser: The Harbour Heist. This is pure action drama soundtrack synth work from one of the modern masters. In just under a minute Lost Years puts you in a time and place perfectly. I'm hoping this develops into a six or seven minute epic.


I was originally planning on covering the demo of Vector Hold's Tough Turf in this Weekend Update but this producer has finalised this track in the meantime, which gives me even greater pleasure. A sterling example of refined melodies and laser guided arrangements with pin point accuracy. This is next-level work from Vector Hold and raises the bar very high for his future efforts.


Our last stop on this week's Weekend Update is a tantalising teaser for a new project from Mitch Murder. I'll let you make your own interpretations for what this cryptic message means, but I know one thing that's guaranteed with any new Mitch Murder release: 1000% excitement!


Next week on Synthetix I'll be covering some exciting news from Aphasia Records and Telefuture Records as well as the stupendous new song from Patrick Baker along with even more synth-scapades in 80s inspired synth scene.

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