Saturday, June 9, 2012

Synthetix Weekend Update

It's been a massive week in the 80s synth scene and we've got a bumper Weekend Update to cover the brightest stars that shined over the past seven days.

Let's open things up with a massive new track from DigitalNativeDance. Rise Up is an anthemic powerhouse of pure 80s synth gold. This artist is maintaining a very high standard with each successive release and Rise Up elevates his sounds even further.

On the more experiemental Dreamwave tip the most bitchenly named Puffernutter released Dream World. A swirling and reverberating ride through new dimensions of synthesized delirium. Puffernutter's really nailing the sounds and moods here, brilliant work.

One of my favourite new artists Kenji Run published a demo of his newest work entitled There's Rain Outside. I adore the pace of this track, it gallops along and creates an ambience of total excitement. Once it's been completed I can see this being one of his strongest songs thus far.

Newcomer Delenda Est has only two tracks up on his soundcloud, but this piece entitled June 3rd is a beautiful example of total 80s synth love. I'm hoping this producer keeps at it as he's definitely got the feel and for what this music is all about.

FlashBoy (formerly Horror Machine) has released a preview of his latest work Summertime. This preview promises a beautiful example of classic 80s/French Touch that he does so very well. I'm imagining this is going to be an epic summer time anthem by the time it's done and could well prove to be FlashBoy's breakout track.

Garth Knight keeps raising the bar higher and higher with each new release and Vigilante Part 1 finds him dabbling in a more soundtrack style atmosphere. He's developing his own style and allowing his pieces to really evolve. A really superb example of creating drama towards the back end too, magical!!

Russia's Bluezz Vylez has been experimenting with a 80s synthwave sounds for a while, but his latest piece entitled Ocean Console really makes for an exceptionally radical experience. I love the timing of this track and the layers of synths compliment eachother perfectly.

Last, but most certainly not least, we have another collaborative composition from Perturbator, this time with Starforce and what these talents have combined to create is absoloutely gorgeous. Retrofuture's is an anthemic soundtrack of dimension defying proportions. This must be listened to numerous times to pick up all the magic weaved throughout it's near six and a half minutes. So delicate in delivery, but powerful in atmosphere and mood. A true work of genius from both producers.

I hope you've enjoyed this week's Weekend Update on Synthetix and I look forward to sharing more discoveries in the world of the 80s inspired synth scene next week.

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