Saturday, June 2, 2012

Synthetix Weekend Update

It's Weekend Update time on Synthetix and once again there's been a slew of quality releases published this past week.

Where better place to start this week than with the atmospheric brilliance of Thomas Barrandon's new piece entitled 1111101. Punctuated by a live great live sounding drum track and glittering synths this is a very beautiful piece of music from start to finish. Thomas brings a lot of individuality to his music and obviously draws from many diverse influences. The results are always quality experiences.

Next up is bona fide coolrocker Fanateek One with his latest work in progress Extra Special. A saucy piece of smoothly distilled electro funk with a groove that's deep like a diamond mine. I can't wait to hear how this devlops further in the future as it's a very solid basis already.

I've covered Pilotpriest recently, but the culmination of his recent work has been released this past week. In preparation for larger post next week I wanted to include a track off his Original Motion Picture Soundtrack album in this Weekend Update. This album is hugely special, so please enjoy his Risky Business piece to whette your appetite.

Lost Years is continuing his intoxicated love affair with Italo Disco and his new track The Hunger (V1). Perfectly crafter Italo style melodies are laid on thick and fast and keep rockin hard. I for one think this adds a fantatic extra layer this talented artist's work and proves the ideal counterpoint to his more soundtrack oriented work.

Next up is a great little demo from Lambda with What Else Do You Wonder. This is a very cool piece of music that will hopefully evolve into something massive. Even at it's current two and a half minutes it is brimming with power and emotion. Good signs, indeed.

After releasing the absolutely stuning Break Point earlier this year Garth Knight has released his second composition entitled Silent Strike. This is another very strong track and is one of the most developed pieces I've heard from anyone in the scene. The music evolves and takes on a life of it's own with killer changes and luscious melodies throughout.

That does it for another Weekend Update on Synthetix, next week we'll be taking even more adventures into the 80s synthscapes of the future and I hope you'll be coming along for the ride.


  1. Hello Mr. Shithouse,
    I was searching out some Thomas Barrandon tunes and I stumbled on your blog. I'm stoked I found it. I write tunes inspired by scifi and fantasy movies from the eighties. Basically if it's arppegiated then I love it. Thought you would dig these tunes.

    1. Your music rocks! Great to have you on board!