Friday, June 29, 2012

Sharing Daybreak With Mitch Murder

When it comes to 80s inspired synth music Mitch Murder is a producer that is constantly pushing the envelope and releasing visionary pieces, but his consistency at doing this is one of the most amazing things about his releases. Each new production is a precursor to excitement and it's, as I often say, a red letter day when a new Mitch Murder single is published.

With his recent Mars EP we were introduced to a more progressive side of Mitch's talents, with a lot of new sounds and directions beyond the stylised Current Events or Burning Chrome albums. His new track Daybreak is again and another journey to another land, and it's also a sign of more evolution from this producer.


The one thing that stands out to me in this piece is the beauty of simplicity. The sounds are uncomplicated and melodies are streamlined to the sharpness of a razor. One thing that a lot of Mitch Murder tracks have are dense details, seemingly infinite layers, and star point brilliant embellishments. Daybreak forgoes these gilded facades and mirror polished productions in favour of beautifully sparse landscape punctuated only by the barest necessities of aural details.

I can only imagine how hard it must have been for Mitch to restrain himself in the writing of this piece, I can almost feel the bridle being pulled back to stop to keep from galloping into the sun drenched horizon. But it's this control that makes Daybreak feel so wonderful. There's tension, passion and stories only briefly whispered, but only the lightest touch and hint of these are what makes them feel so perfect. This music is spun from gossamer and each individual thread bears a weight far beyond it's apparent limitations.

Daybreak adds yet another dimensional plane to Mitch Murder's existentially musical universe and it's one I hope he lets us visit again some time soon. As alway, be sure to follow Mitch Murder on his soundcloud here and on his Facebook page here.

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