Monday, June 25, 2012

Rockin' Through Summer With Lueur Verte

The 80s synth scene has been evolving quite a bit over the last couple of months. More producers have been raising the quality of their releases and have begun experimenting in new directions. There's so much influence to draw from in 80s pop/electronic/soundtrack music that we're getting bold new sounds and the horizon's being pulled back even further as the neon colours it in ways we thought were only possible in the fantasies of dreams.

It's time to say, as SEGA so poingnantly put it, Welcome To The Next Level. With the advent of artists like Flash Arnold, Perturbator and others forging the way it has now come to pass that the total rocking riffage of electric guitars in 80s inspired synth music has become the sound of now. I've been longing for this to happen, the mainstay of the 80s sounds, the axe that wields the power, the feeling of electric excitement, the guitars are now, as they were in the 80s, at one with the futuristicly synthesized sounds of tomorrow.

There have been numerous tracks released with guitars in the past, but the new release from Lueur Verte entitled Rockin' Summer is the watershed moment for this next phase in the development of the music we love. The reason for this is simple, but first, lets get rockin!

As the golden tones of summer melodies fill the atmosphere both synthesizer and guitar take flight. The complementary nature of their sounds are both rivetting and enthralling. Then the main rhythm kicks in and we're taken far away through pounding basslines chugging guitar riffs and synthesized melodies. It hits hard and it hits instantly. The melding of all the sounds into a complete powerhouse. It's like going from a string quartet to a full orchestra, the experience becomes a supercharged juggernaut of aural intensity.

The real reason for this is that the guitar track in Rockin' Summer is the engine room of the experience. The guitar isn't used just an extra layer or solo, it's used as the focus, and the energy is allowed to rise from each chord through the atmospheric layers of synths into what is, quite simply, the 80s.
The balance is perfect and the experience is a bitchen epiphany.

Lueur Verte's masterpiece is the essence of finely distilled 80s love and is bottled fresh and ready to refresh the pallete of the listener over and over again. Let's hope we hear Lueur Verte rocking all the way through summer and beyond so please be sure to give him all the love you can on his soundcloud here and Facebook here.

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