Monday, June 18, 2012

Patrick Baker Gets 2 Know You

I've said it numerous times on this blog in the past, and I'm sure I'll say it many times in the future, that it's very, very hard for modern producers to totally nail the 80s synth pop sound when it comes to full band sounds and especially vocals. When it's done right, however, it's a true epiphany and Patrick Baker's new song Get 2 Know U is that epiphany actualised.

Right from the get go this song is a sugar rush of synthesized delicacies. Patrick brings in a great vocal style that really shines throughout the song. Verses and choruses are delivered in a totally authentic manner. Angsty, pouty, suggestive, but always with that boy-next-door element. The chorus itself is an infectious piece of brilliance, in fact all the arrangements are 1000% accurate and engineered to please.

The breakdowns, bridges and the absolutely stunning sax solo all combine to make the perfect 80s synth pop song. Such a fulfilling experience is uncommon these days, I often hear tracks that are so powerful and passionate that they don't require a vocal but Get 2 Know U just goes to show how 80s music should be done in no uncertain terms.

I'll be following Patrick Baker like a Duran Duran groupie in 1983 and I hope you will too on his soundcloud here and his Facebook page here.

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