Monday, June 4, 2012

A New Day For Jordan F

Jordan F is a name of repute in the 80s synth scene. His body of work has grown immeasurably in quality of late, with the irrefutably epic Abandoned Streets EP along with other renvisionings of his past work as well as his other experimental projects. Jordan F is an artist constantly pushing himself and yearning for more from his music. A New Day marks an important stop on the Jordan F experience as it bridges the light and dark sides of his work and manages to do so seamlessly, which is a spectacular feat in itself and makes for an aural adventure unlike any other.

The magic of A New Day is that it's uplifting and infections melody is highlighted by dramatic percussive punctuation and searing synth solos. This creates a dual mood that works on many more levels and provides an all new aesthetic. The melody takes us into a radiating glow of  warmth and energy while the drums tracks deliver thunderclaps of power. The thrilling solos throughout the compostion add an even more electrified charge; making for a soundscape of contrasts, but also one that works as a whole entity as well.

I feel this artist is finding his own sound, discovering his own magic; and the leap of faith evidenced in this track provides proof positive of the next evolutionary phase of what this composer is capable of. I do believe Jordan F has found his sound, his muse and his inspiration in A New Day, and my interest couldn't be more piqued as to what will be next from Mr F.

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