Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mitch Murder Takes Us To Mars

After the short hype video posted on the Synthetix Weekend Update we now have the fortune of experiencing Mitch Murder's new EP: Mars. There's always much excitement whenever new music surfaces from one of the scenes leading artists and the Mars EP proves his stature once again.

Mitch Murder usually works his releases around a thematic or unifying idea and Mars is definitely the spaciest Mitch has sounded. The more urban drama staged in his last album Current Events is eschewed for a cosmic odyssey to the red planet. The sounds and melodies dance in more apparent void. Far less constrained, more expansive and definitely more free flowing.

The introductory piece (The Arrival) sets the scene and mood perfectly, the perfect soundtrack to the first space shuttle launch in the early 80s. Escaping the Earth's gravitational pull and soaring through the cosmos. A very 70s prog feeling accompanies the first full track The Deimos Incident. This is as laid back as I have heard Mitch Murder in this piece. There's no rush into anything, synth layers and melodies are allowed to steer their own course through a star filled backdrop.

The pace and action builds through Phobos Gun Run with more of Mitch's musical trademarks hitting their stride, but building in an almost jazzy manner. That Mitch Murder timing on his breaks feels at it's best in this track. The middling pace just increases the emphasis ten fold.

For all the enjoyment and pleasure the first three tracks bring to the listener I find all three serve as a build up to Valles Marineris Pursuit, the last track on the EP and, for this listener, the true climax of our Mars voyage. All the space synth elements sound like they finally have fallen into place. The sounds combine to perfection with every accent and nuance delivered with laser precision.

This last track isn't just tmy favourite track on the EP, but it's one of my favourite Mitch Murder tracks of all time. There's just something about this that feels like the artist has thrown off the shackles and rocked as hard as he can. That said, the entire EP is a wonderful listen from start to finish. And if anything, the final piece is made all the more special by the preceding three, the Mars EP is a full and rewarding experience that is a genuine interstellar experience unlike any other.

For only $3.99 you can pick up the Mars EP on Mitch Murder's Bandcamp here, and be sure to follow him on soundcloud here as well.

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