Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lolski Stays Young At Heart

With combined talents spanning the globe from Indonesia to Amsterdam, Lolski and Bramirez have released Young At Heart. Once again Future City Records have released a quality piece of lovingly made 80s synth worship and this two track EP is thrilling and entrancing in equal amounts.

The elements blend beautifully in Young At Heart, creating a swirling dreamscape of synth melodies, but still manages to keep an energetic feeling to the piece. There's a a lovely melange of sounds and styles in this piece, some of the synth layers can sound more hazy and Dreamwave like, but there's also a driving Italo feel, overflowing with passion and energy.

Lolski's other track on the EP is Metropolis, which were are now fortunate enough to be able to own after hearing it's gorgeous tones for months around the traps. Both these tracks are thoroughly wonderful pieces of true 80s inspired synth music and for 99¢ on Bandcamp, you can't go wrong.

Pick up your copy on Future City Records' Bandcamp here and give Lolski lots of love on his soundcloud here.

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