Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Getting High On Remixes

I wanted to cover something a little different today on Synthetix. Although I strive to cover 80s inspired synth music exclusively I'm not one to shy away from quality remixes of modern tunes given a classically 80s flavour from the scene's producers.

House mainstay Lifelike has released a new track with Popular Computer entitled Getting High. To my ear the song itself is pretty cool, but it's not something I'd fall in love with. But when Tommy, Final DJ's, Silent Gloves and Collins get into action and work their own 80s magic into the music we get some interstellar results.

Each producer brings their own love to the experience. From Tommy's restrained ethereal musings, to Silent Gloves' sweeping and building delivery to Collins robotic space safari through to Final DJ's melodiously synthesized melange. Getting High gets taken to the next level in each remix and sounds all the more exciting for it.

These tracks make it plain to see that the scene is able to inject the 80s love in just the right doses to cure anyone's modern doledrums. Afterall, sometimes all we need is a little of that 80s magic in our day to make it a special one.

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