Friday, June 22, 2012

Flamingo Drive Are Thinking Of You

When I look back at all the classic 80s sounds and really look for the hallmarks of what makes something sound so much like this epic decade there are obvious ones, and then there are less obvious traits. We all know and love the classic Italo sounds, and the sweeping synth soundtrack work of the time, and of course the acres of gorgeous synth pop. But there are other forms from the 80s that are more subjective to one, or only a couple of bands or artists.

One of these is New Order. I've loved New Order since the early 80s, True Faith is my favourite song of all time and when I hear a new song that has elements from this seminal group in their sound I can't help but sit up and beg for more. The new single from Flamingo Drive released on Pole Position Recordings is a lovely piece of laid back nu-disco with a distinctly 80s edge, and that edge is sharp, precise and delightfully dangerous.

The song is made up of some hazey dazey melodies with a ghostlike vocal from Eric Cozier, but when the bassline comes in it's like Peter Hook circa 1987 straight off the latest New Order 12inch single. And I love it. The bassline and main rhythm add a great dimension to the sound and as the track moves throughout it's stages it keeps a distinctive air and a very smooth flavour.

The four track EP has extended mixes from Satin Jackets and CRAM, and even though I do like the way the vocal is used in the Vocal Mix, I find the Instrumental Mix completely enrapturing and absorbing. It's just awesome to hear the new love for a vintage sound, that really isn't vintage at all. If anything this new release from Flamingo Drive proves how much the 80s gave us for musical inspiration, and the scope for how much more inspiration it can offer us seems entirely limitless from my perspective.

You can buy the EP on Juno here and be sure to follow more 80s lovin' from Pole Position Recordings on their soundcloud here.

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