Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Down To Business With Mr Nissness

Last week was highlighted by the Makeup And Vanity Set album 88:88, this was released through Telefuture Records and this week I'm going to cover another of their quality releases, this time Mr Nissness' EP Formative Epoch. Telefuture Records are focussing on 80s inspired music and the new Mr Nissness' EP is a superb example of a whole bunch of multidirectional 80s loving.

The EP spans numerous directions and disciplines of 80s synth music and each piece has it's own flavour. From spicy chip tune influenced work to richly delicious synthpop styles it creates some rather delectable audio fare.

Nightfall/Emissary begins the proceedings with a high energy bassline, driving beat and elements of pure OutRun racing into the sunset. The reasonably minimalist affair production-wise works perfectly and when the guitar solo starts ripping the sunset gives way to a neon drenched night.

The next track entitled Departure is my favourite experience on the EP. The music is pure 80s synthpop, with a melancholy edge. Emotional basslines and deep synth melodies create a somber mood. The percussive fills are the perfect accents to the experience. I really feel this track, it's a totally captivating piece of work, absolute brilliance.

The EP continues on with Failure Embrace. This delves into more traditional 16bit sounds and rocks a killer breakbeat. The track meanders a little, however but by the mid point it intruduces some super catchy melodies that move things in a more deliberate direction. It's a piece that grows on me more and more however.

The Formative Epoch EP finishes off with it's title track. Another more chip tune sounding piece that again goes in another direction to the rest of the EP. That said, this is the most emotive chip tune style music I've heard outside of a game. The melodies really soar and the uncomplicated sounds lend a charm to music that is very infectious. I'm not entirely sold on the drum track for the the first half of this piece, but all is made right by the midpoint when a burst of speed creates a driving soundrack that would be at home on any classic 16bit shoot em up. I can almost hear the scan lines.

I do greatly enjoy this EP, although Departure is far and away my favourite composition on the release the other pieces do provide a great ride through many colourful 80s destinations. This is another stellar release from Telefuture Records and I'd encourage you to pick this EP (and Makeup And Vanity Set's 88:88) of their website here. Be sure to listen to more Telefuture experiences on their soundcloud here and get behind this bitchen label.

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  1. I fucking love Mr. Nissness, and I am an astronaut.