Thursday, June 14, 2012

Arc Neon Goes Beyond Our Control

Arc Neon (formerly Wolf and Yeti) has just released the wonderfully prophetic and apocalyptic Beyond Our Control to their soundcloud and it's one k-rad ride into oblivion.

For those that didn't grow up in the 80s it's hard to imagine how pervasive the air of possible nuclear annihilation was. The Cold War brought a huge air of tension to the decade. As a child in the early 80s I was personally pertrified of nuclear war, and it all seemed like the end of civilisation was around the corner and we were genuinely on the brink of extinction.

It was a common theme of living in the 80s, between all the reinterpretated Nostradamus predictions and disasters natural and other wise as well as the new AIDS epidemic it seemed like it could all go up in in a mushroom cloud at any given moment. This is probably a bit harder to understand these days, as theres no real threat of nuclear war and we are much more conscious of looking to the future and are more aware of our ecology and environment. One just needs to look at all the nuclear-fear movies made in the 80s, and their post-apolcalyptic counterparts to see how real this was at the time.

The reason for this history lesson is because Arc Neon's new track encapsulates that time and feeling. With a super catchy lead synth and selected current affairs samples this composition really conveys that mood of unknowing and tension. Everything seemed 'beyond our control'. This was the constant shadow over the 80s, for all the wondrous times and discoveries, the air of a fate we could do nothing about was ever present. Arc Neon recounts these events over thoughtful synths and reflective melodies that work exceptionally well together.

This track is "80s" on an entirely new level and the darker side of what went on in my favourite decade is something worth revisiting, especially in such a poignant manner as this track.

Arc Neon will be releasing a new EP in the coming months, and I'll be sure to cover it on Synthetix, make sure you give them lots of love on their soundcloud here and follow them Facebook here in the meantime.

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