Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Yuppie in California80s

Scene newcomer California80s has released his second track to the world and it's certainly one kick arse tune. His first piece, entitled Downtown Miami, was a fantastic first offering and California80s is cementing his position as an artist to watch for with his latest track Yuppie In '83. On a personal note I always find it discouraging when an artist releases a classically 80s synth piece early on in their musical career and then moves on to other styles, especially when said track is full of promise and possibilities for the future. With a name like California80s, however, it was folly of me to think this would be the case here.

The bassline is instantly infectious and the percussion has such an awesomely powerful and driving sound one's attention is captured right from the outset. Synths are introduced and layered with some almost Chip-tune sounding melodies and a brilliant backmasked sounding break. This piece feels so much like an 80s track in it's arrangement as well as it's sound. Flourishes work perfectly and the mid-track stock exchange report sample ties the piece together. At just under five minutes Yuppie In '83 takes all it's musical ideas to their completion, making for a very satisfying experience that delivers heaping helpings of 80s excess and rad-ness.

Make sure you extend your professional portfolio to include California80s on Facebook here and soundcloud here to ensure your financial dividends reach their maximum level of performance for this fiscal quarter.

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