Monday, May 14, 2012

Vegas Night$ With Camille R

I'd like to go on the record with saying Camille R is one of my favourite producers in the 80s inpsired synth scene. His Last Limit record from a couple of years ago is completely visionary and blows me away with every listen. So when a new Camille R track comes out I find the experience all the more exciting. Vegas Night$ is the first piece from his upcoming EP and is totally beyond in every respect.

Camille R is renowned for using interesting sounds and creating layers of atmosphere in every composition. He makes, his latest is a testament to his skills as a producer in this respect. Adding a dash of 70s disco strings and punctuating the melodies with synth brass to complement a supremely dreamy bassline the ensemble creates an expensive and opulent sounding vista. The risk of the prize, the glittering lights, the excitement of the gambit it's all here and Camille R makes it happen.

I've heard through the synthvine that Camille R is going to be treating us to even more beautiful music over the next few months, and with Vegas Night$ making such an excellent return to the scene I can help but get very excited at the thought of even more aural gold. Make sure you follow all these impending new ventures on soundcloud here and Facebook here.

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