Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Monster Within NeonFlashDrive

There's something sweet and delicate about the new NeonFlashDrive track. Entitled The Monster Within Me this piece of purely poetic synth work is bright and joyous, but there is a fragility to it that seesm to be hiding something just behind the thinly veiled facade.

The main melody wends it's way throughout the music like fireflies on a dark warm night. Inviting, entrancing and enticing. Leading us into the darkness and leaving our comfort zones as the darkness closes in. The compostion is adventurous and playful but behind the neon synth glow is the lurking of something far more malificent. Repeated listenings make for a hypnotising experience that brings out all of the compositions beautifully crafted details.

This is another feather in NeonFlashDrive's cap, and adds a great deal of dimension and emotion to his previous forays into the genre. And as a bonus it's available for free download! Make sure you give him lots of love on soundcloud here and Facebook here.

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