Saturday, May 26, 2012

Synthetix Weekend Update

The weekend can only mean taking our Ferrari's out of the garage and opening them up on a nice coastal run around Miami's more scenic routes, but I'm sure we can relax and take in the Synthetix Weekend Update before donning our favourite sunglasses and taking on the night.

It's a red letter day whenever Mitch Murder let's us indulge in one of his new tracks and this week he granted us the pleasure of his latest creation Race Day. Such an uplifting piece of muisc, with shades of Library Music influence mixed with the Mitch Murder magic we all know and love. As always, a vividly glorious experience.

The super talented synth house duo Final DJ's have spun some retro love around Pyramid's Citizen track and have released a short preview of their labours. Though only barely over a minute this promises to be a delight in every respect. Expect to see more about this release on Synthetix in the near future.

Time to get filthy with funk, I do believe. Dusty Knobs has remixed Future Feelings' Odyssey and turned the sex up to MAX. The bassline and synths gyrate and pulsate with moistening precision making for very arousing experience. Breakdance frenzy guaranteed.

As they say in the classics: 'And now for something completely different'. Kid Machine has embarked on a new journey in his music with his latest demo track Pegasus. Described as "SLO-mo Italohhh" the music has been dialled back to a canter from the normal Italo gallop and as such has given it an entirely different aethetic. I love this, it's still massively infectious, but it's almost got an EBM type of air about it. A brilliant mixture to be sure.

Prolific producer of synth music par excellence Lueur Verte goes from strength to strength with his latest release Night Slasher II (The Revenge). A dark synth soundtrack styled adventure, where fear is your companion and madness is your driver. Another superb piece of work to add to his growing repertoire.

To complete this week's weekend update we have another golden remix, this time it's Astral Runner's renvisioning of Limited Impression's Your Name. I can't get enough of this song, from it's perfect 80s percussion to the sweetly ethereal vocoder refrain. Brilliant work.

That finishes up our round up of my highlights in the week of 80s inspired synth music, I hope you've found some new favourites and I look forward to sharing more with you next week. Til then, stay rockin; stay 80s.

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