Saturday, May 19, 2012

Synthetix Weekend Update

It's time for another Weekend Update on Synthetix! Lets get rockin and down to business!

First up is some great new music from Quixotic. Interstellar is a track off their new EP and is brilliant work of hi energy, uplifting Italo Disco. A real understanding of what makes Italo rock gives this track so much light and scope, drenched in a glittering lustre. Be sure to get the whole EP for free through the links off soundcloud.

Horror Machine has been having recent dalliances with other styles, doing more French House themed material, but his latest release is true 80s synth love. Deemed "Driving Electro" by the man himself this is certainly very powerful music with compression perfection. Corvette is also up for free download, so get it while you can!

Lets slow the pace down for our next adventure. Although it's not brand new this week, Steve Moore's Volatile Memory is something I've been enjoying a great deal this week. The piece works at a perfectly languid pace that layers superbly. Steve Moore is a modern day master of this ethereal style and all his work provides luxurious synth-scapes of verdant splendour.

The brilliantly named Puffernutter has been brought to my attention this week and his latest work entitle Night Drive is one hell of a ride. The choice of sounds and production is totally immersive bringing to mind the majesty of Laserdisc Visions and Klockhaus but with his own personalised angle. Super track this one.

In preparation of his upcoming EP I thought I'd give Lolski some love in this weekend's post. Metropolis takes us to world of laser guided synth rockets of explosive force, a perfectly composed track that is rife with totally killer leads. I'm greatly looking forward to his next release and will be sure to give it ardent coverage on Synthetix.

The aptly title The Final Chase is our last hit on this weekend's update by none other than Flash Arnold. A deep and energetic ride into the night with a million horsepower beneath us. Once again the guitars are the stars in this epic composition from one of my absolute favourites in the scene.

That does us for another week on Synthetix, keep on rockin hard and I hope to see you again during next week's adventures into the new world of modern 80s synth music.

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