Saturday, May 12, 2012

Synthetix Weekend Update

It's been another very active week in the 80s inspired synth scene with lots of great new releases from both established and new artists. Let's get rockin with some of my favourites from the past week.

A new work in progress from Matt Creamer is certainly promising much. This currently instrumental piece is perfectly written synth disco, with shades of italo, and a slight Alpha Boy edge to the arrangements. Whether it remains an instrumental or not this is one kick arse tune.

Well established synth raconteur 80s Stallone keep producing major pieces of delight and his latest is Summer Lovers. A jubilant and dazzling journey into glorious summer haze. The 80s Stallone magic is weaved throughout this beautiful track.

Quasars' side project Sgreyes came out with another 80s disco gem this week with Varadero. Smooth as silk and twice as luxurious the music this edit builds brilliantly, and I'm hoping a full length release is in offing from Sgreyes, as I've loved everything I've heard thus far.

Le Cassette are proving on a very consistent basis that they're one the scene leaders in delivering authentic 80s synth pop experiences. Tokyo Blues winds things back and allows the vocals to a lot of the work. Full of emotion and charged with darkness this song is totally enrapturing,

One of my favourite new producers released another work of genius this week in Klockhaus' new Tinplate Ant venture. I love the fact that this new artist already has a signature sound after only four single releases. This is pure Klockhaus, and it's dreamlike 80s vibe is totally rockin experience.

Disco synth maestro Silenx has been very busy of late and his latest release Sun Express cements his position even further as one of the scene's leading producers. Perfectly built and delightfully engineered the music is fused with warmth and light. The flavours of summer keep on rockin throughout this
inspired track.


To finish of this week's weekend update we have a totally kick arse new video from diretor extraordinaire Neros77 and his latest vignette from Stallions. Stallions is a side project from Miami Nights 1984 and is more dreamwave in sound thant the tradition Miami Nights Outrun sond. This video
is cut to perfection and loaded with cheeky 80s wonder.


Be sure to pick up the full Stallions EP on Bandcamp here for more chilled out synth experiences.

That does it for another Weekend Update on Synthetix, I looked forward to experiencing more kick arse hard rockin music with you next week!

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