Sunday, May 6, 2012

Synthetix Weekend Update

It's time for another Weekend Update on Synthetix to keep your weekend rockin' hard and often.

Lets start off the weekend update with some high energy electro breaks courtesy of Aud10botz. "My syntheisizer is a futuristic weapon" has to be one of the raddest lyrics I've heard of late. This track should be cranking as loud as possible out of your boombox while you're poppin' and lockin' on a local street corner this week.

Penguin Prison recently had a remix competition for his Fair Warning song, but unfortunatley Silent Gloves was too late in completing his entry. This is even more unfortunate as it's a totally kick arse remix that has beautifully interweaved 80s magic with Penguin Prison's vocals. Like most of Penguin Prison's releases I find the remix much stronger than the original and this is yet another classic example of this.

Perturbator's fast becoming the hardest working man in the 80s inspired synth scene as he's just released yet another track. This time another collaborative piece with none other than Starforce. This combination has given us Aurora Haze which capitalizes on both of their strengths, combining into a total powerhouse of epic and spatial cosmic synth wonder. I find it interesting that virtually all of Perturbators dark synth sounds are absent in this track, which is definitely broadening his scope as a composer. Aurora Haze is one hell of a ride.

Another release that caught my ear this week was Syncroft's She Is Like The Flex. This breakbeat funk synth piece is fantastic, the melodies are just brilliant. A minimalist approach makes everything work even harder, superbly crafted indeed.

Lost Years, in his infinite creativity, gave us a teaser for his new track entitled West Side Lane. This is so exciting and action packed that the minute we've been given to enjoy seems like a lot longer. Once again Lost Years has me champing at the bit for a full length release of his new works. Hopefully this will happen soon!

Dynatron released the throroughly incredible The Pulsating Nebula this week, which feels a lot like a companion piece to his recent Aurora Nights track. This is more undulating space synth that creates a totally tangible atmosphere of star filled galaxies at the heart of a swirling nebula. A sumptuous feast for the ears and the imagination.

This does it for another Weekend Update on Synthetix. Please forgive the tardiness of this post, but I'm still adjusting to the new interface on Blogger and to say I'm not enjoying it is a monstrous understatement. But this isn't going to stop more rockin' 80s synth action coming thick and fast all next week.

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