Wednesday, May 16, 2012

So Blinded By Tommy

Danish duo Furns released So Blinded only a couple of weeks ago (be sure to enjoy the original work here) and synth producer extraordinaire Tommy has found some incredible inspiration in his remix work for this song. The original already has a smooth 80s funk flavour, very moody and sensual with great initimacy. Tommy's forged a bold new direction from the source, while still staying true to it, and his just released instrumental version of this remix is magical in every respect.

The original melodies are detailled even further with gloriously warm layers of synthesized gold. The key changes are so lavishly produced and executed, it makes the entire work take on ethereal new colours and draw the listener into a world where vision is entirely unnecessary. So Blinded is a very apt title for this remix; I close my eyes and the world disappears and Tommy's synth-craft takes me away, totally beyond. Adding even more dimension is the track's timeframe, at just on ten minutes your journey and experience feels entirely complete upon it's completion. You feel sated, satisfied and magically invigourated.

Make sure you give Tommy lots of love on his soundcloud here and drop in and say Hi on his Facebook page here too.

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