Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Seipä Rides The Sunset Highway

If one is to look at the five tracks Seipä has on his soundcloud, one can see a very sure and steady progression in the artists sounds. From experimental funk and chillwave pieces he's arrived at his righteous destination; outrunning across the Sunset Highway in a dazzling crescendo of high energy 80s synth explosiveness.

All I know about Seipä is that he makes a very strong case for understanding how to make utterly flawless 80s inspired synth music. This composition is textbook in it's choice of arrangements and sounds with crisply bright solos and turbo charged bass lines complemented with some 80s movie/TV samples that I SHOULD know but for the life of me just can't place; like every good dialogue sample used should do. Sunset Highway rides high in the saddle and deep into the night and is hopefully going to be the first of many new classics from this talented artist from Norway.

Make sure you give Seipä lots of love and support on his soundcloud here and with any luck we'll be visiting with him again soon on Synthetix.

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