Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Prepare For Terminal Damage!

Troy Passmore has been producing a lot of great electronic music over the last month, but his sound has really hit it's stride with his latest work Terminal Damage.


The powerfully forged melodies have a distinct flavour and edge to them. I love the choices of his synth sounds, they create a great deal of depth and contrast to the proceedings and work in a very refreshing way throughout the piece. The change of percussion towards the track's climax is thoroughly enthralling. The accents get richer and the drama ramps up exponentially. This build is brilliantly entertaining, I could see this set to film, with deliberate and methodical section then paving the way for tension and action; reaching fever pitch in time with the music.

Troy Passmore has a very good selection of tracks on his soundcloud here, be sure to follow him as his grasp and direction for this music promises a great deal for the future.

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