Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Post Nuclear Future Of Judge Bitch

There are numerous prolific underground synth artists I'm yet to cover on Synthetix that I have every intention of giving some exposure to in the future. One of these artists is Canada's own Judge Bitch. This composer has been releasing poweful and dark 80s inspired synth music of a very high calibre over the last six months or so and has already created his own defined style and atmosphere.

One thing prevalent throughout all of Judge Bitch's work is an air of danger and darkness, an mood of inutterable despair and shadowy horrors. This is the soundtrack to the postapocalyptic nuclear nightmare that drives us through the wastelands of burning carnage on an instinct of pure survival. Electricity sparks the air, the earth quakes and the seas broil as the those left to live on struggle to continue the human race.

The darkness of this side of the synth is something to be embraced, as there is no light without dark, no ying without yang, no life without death and this music provides a wonderful counterpoint to the more positive and uplifting side of the genre. I for one am a big fan of Judge Bitch's sounds as they paint an aural vista of exactly what the post nuclear future should sound like from those times in the 80s when this was a very real possibility.

Experience more terror of an unwritten future with Judge Bitch by following him on soundcloud here.

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