Thursday, May 24, 2012

Perturbator's Disco Girls

Dark synth raconteur extraordinaire Perturbator has taken a ride on the sexxxy side with his new single Disco Girls. The artist takes us from his realm of dark and nightmarish synthscapes into a high energy, cherry flavoured, pink neon drenched disco attack that makes one really stand to attention.

The beach side opening is fraught with bikini beats and summer soirees as our attention drifts into a steamy and gyrating melody. The pace is frenetic and pulses rise with each new delciously delivered detail. Long before the track's climax we experience peaking of a different kind and the water's edge tempts us back to try and regain our composure. The final suite of seductive disco dynamite explodes through the cobalt sky in a rain of sensually sizzling synth erotica

After such an intimate encounter with Perturbator we should at least leave him our number, or in this case follow him on soundcloud here and get friendly with him on Facebook here.

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