Thursday, May 3, 2012

Perturbator Goes To Hell; And Takes You WIth Him!

80s dark synth maestro Perturbator has just released his first full length record, a master stroke of diabolical digital nightmares sent straight from your darkest imagination, prepare yourself for the unbridled suspense of Terror 404.

Although a dark ambience permeates all the comositions as an overriding common thread there is still massive scope on Terror 404. Perturbator skips demonically from hellfired disco through to terrifying dirges of electronic evil. This makes the album as one entity a banefully beautiful release that works like the ultimate soundtrack to your favourite nightmare.

Crafted with a malevolent eye for detail each synth melody, lead and solo is delicately wrenched into a dark shadow. Percussion tracks strike home panic with every beat and guitars wail like the lost souls of the damned themselves. The pacing of the record has been very well thought out too, theres a palpable air of losing one's direction, being misguided on purpose, and being unsure of what's going to happen next.

From Opening Credits to End Theme this record is the best exponent of darkly cinematic 80s synth I've heard since Night Satan's Midnight Laser Warrior and proves once again how essentially a 'genre album' can traverse so many wondrous styles and influences to creating something genre defying.

Make sure you pick up your FREE copy of Terror 404 from Perturbator's Bandcamp here or from his soundcloud here.

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